Tasty Tuesday ~ Enchiladas with a side of Halloween Crafts by @FoodSnobSTL

Welcome back to another Tasty Tuesday at Rambles of a SAHM!
I'm Laura from Food Snob St. Louis, and today I have a recipe that kind of happened by accident.

See, I normally cook off of a recipe - at least as a base - but last week, I found myself in that late-afternoon crunch where I needed to get dinner started so that we could eat, give a bath and do story time and have the baby to sleep by her bedtime, which is hopefully around 6:30 p.m. So, I ended up pulling a bunch of ingredients out of pantry and refrigerator and creating these enchiladas.


They've got chicken, sweet potatoes, black beans, mushrooms, cheese AND homemade enchilada sauce! I promise it is much less complicated than it sounds. Head on over to Food Snob St. Louis to get the recipe.

Also, for all you busy moms out there, I've got a post on how to DIY decorate your home for Halloween while your kids are napping. They are all super simple crafts. I was able to complete them all in just 3 naps and by spending $25! Read all about it here.


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