Tasty Tuesday ~ Quinoa Fried Rice with Tofu via @FoodSnobSTL

Hi Rambles of a SAHM readers! Welcome back for another edition of Tasty Tuesdays. This week we are going to talk about going meatless.

We recently began going meatless one night a week. Don't get me wrong, we love meat, we just bought a 1/4 cow in fact! The idea of going meatless came about for multiple reasons: cost savings (beef, pork or poultry can run anywhere from $3 - $7 per pound depending on the cut - I got organic tofu for $1.99), attempting to be healthier, and adding some variety to our diet. Some weeks it's fantastic. Other weeks, we're making grilled cheese at 9 p.m. because it just didn't cut it.

Failure is part of life though, especially when it comes to cooking. You learn, improve and move on. This dish, however, was not only a meatless meal success story, it will be added into the meal rotation on a regular basis. I was inspired to make this from none other than a photo I saw on Pinterest. I've been wanting to make fried rice for a while now, and when I saw the quinoa version, I knew I had to give it a shot. Why quinoa? Quinoa boasts 3 grams of fiber (versus rice's 1 gram) and 6 grams of protein (versus rice's 4 grams) per serving. So cup for cup, it will fill you up and keep you satisfied longer than a rice.


Head on over to Food Snob St. Louis today to get the full recipe and tell me, have you ever tried going meatless? What are some of your favorite meatless meals?    

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  1. We started going meatless once a week almost two years ago and now we eat meatless at least two to three times a week. I have several recipes on my blog, but this one is one of my all time favorites since the kids eat it and it is super cheap to make.
    Rice and Bean Tostadas

    Good luck on your going meatless adventure!


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