Tasty Tuesday ~ Baby Cereal Pancakes via @FoodSnobSTL

Hey everyone! It's Laura from Food Snob St. Louis with a special Tasty Tuesday post today.

Sometimes over at my blog, I do posts specifically for feeding wee ones. In my case, that means our 11-month-old daughter. As far as eating around our house goes, we are at the point where our baby is basically eating everything we are (exceptions being nuts and honey). Since she is at this point, I have found myself with a box of rice cereal and some oatmeal cereal I had made - not really sure what to do with either. Luckily, I found a fantastic recipe for baby cereal pancakes that I tweaked with what we had available in our kitchen.


Head on over to Food Snob St. Louis to get the recipe! I will also be hosting a HUGE giveaway for Ergo Baby later this week, so be sure to enter!

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