Tasty Tuesday ~ Sourdough via @FoodSnobSTL

Hello Rambles of a SAHM readers! This Tasty Tuesday we are going to talk about sourdough! I just adore the tangy flavor of sourdough bread. What gives it that tang is the fermented starter that is included in the dough. You can make starter on your own or get some from a friend who has some or you can buy it. I've tried to make starter on my own from scratch with little luck. My guess is that the old drafty places we've lived haven't exactly been the best home for growing and fermenting yeast. Thus, I was thrilled to receive an offer from King Arthur Flour to try some of their sourdough starter.


This stuff is extremely user-friendly. Sourdough starter can be confusing, at least for me it has been, but the instructions that come with this starter are straight-forward and everything happened exactly as they said it would. Within a few days it was ready for using.


I was really excited to find that King Arthur Flour has a recipe for sourdough pizza crust on their website. Plus, you use unfed starter (which you usually have to toss) - yeah for not wasting anything :)


I used the sourdough pizza crust to make a pear prosciutto flatbread. You really cannot go wrong with salty prosciutto and sweet pears and balsamic glaze! Head on over to Food Snob St. Louis for the recipe. I'll also be hosting a King Arthur Flour giveaway in the coming weeks, so be sure to check back soon!  

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