Tasty Tuesday ~ Black Eyed Peas

For Tasty Tuesday this week, I've got an inexpensive and healthy side dish to add to your next summer meal. If you remember, I'm in the middle of a series called Love Where You Live in which I create recipes from a CSA we are a part of this summer. This week brought black eyed peas. I fully realize that it isn't really black eyed pea season. I don't know if there really is a season, but I always think of them as a New Year's Day food - so I guess winter would be their season then.


That being said, one of the main goals of being part of a CSA, for me at least, is to eat what's in season (a.k.a. what is in the CSA) and eat from what's in the pantry. I prepared them like I would any other dried beans, you can read more about that here, and then threw them in a skillet with other things we had lying around, and it turned out to be a great side or even a main if you are vegetarian.


So easy, and so friendly on the wallet!  Head over to Food Snob STL to get the recipe and leave me a comment. How do you make black eyed peas? 

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