Book review: To Die For by Sandra Byrd

To Die For by Sandra Byrd

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Sandra Byrd
Historical Fiction
5 out of 5

I am a huge fan of historical fiction, but I’m also a very picky reader. When I first picked up To Die For I was very skeptical. I have read several of Sandra Byrd’s contemporary fiction books and enjoyed them. I just wasn’t sure about how she would do with this new genre. I am happy to report that Sandra blew me away.

The story of Anne Boleyn has been told by numerous authors over the years. Most of those pieces of work center on the downright tawdry details of the House of Tudor. While Ms. Byrd did include those details, she did it in a way that was tasteful while being truthful.

Meg Wyatt has been Anne Boleyn’s friend since childhood. When Anne is called to court to serve Queen Katherine she urges Meg to come with her. The story of Katherine’s downfall and Anne’s rising is very well known. The difference in this telling is the way that Ms. Byrd weaves in the details of the Reformation and the hand that Anne had in that coming about.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading about how the Tyndale Bible made its way into the hands of the common man. In the back of the book there are a couple of sections that go into more detail about this. I really enjoyed the Q & A with the author. It gave wonderful insight into her reasoning for the way she had the story unfold.

It is my hope that Sandra Byrd will continue to write Historical Fiction. She definitely has a talent in that area. But of course I’ll be happy to read her other works as well.

·         I received a copy of this book for my honest opinions. No other compensation was received.

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  1. This definitely sounds interesting -- the fact that she includes a new twist on the often-told story of Anne Boleyn makes this one worth checking out. Thanks!


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