Monkey Brains Oatmeal & Monkey Bars Granola Bars Review & Giveaway @mbrains

Monkey Brains

About Monkey Brains:

The only way to get kids to eat something healthy is for them to want something healthy. The simple idea behind Monkey Bars and Monkey Brains is to make it fun for kids to eat healthy… I mean what kid wouldn’t want something with a big Monkey cartoon on the front?

The best part: your kids will actually be asking for something that provides excellent fundamental nutrition. That’s the true innovation: Monkey Brains and Monkey Bars make it fun to eat healthy.

Prebiotic Fiber explained:

Monkey Bars and Monkey Brains contain a prebiotic fiber that improves digestive health by helping regulate the balance of friendly bacteria that already exists in the digestive system. The reason it is called “pre” biotic fiber is because it feeds your existing “pro”biotic fiber. The non-scientific description is that prebiotic fiber is food for your tummy.

Monkey Brains Granola Bars
Little M with his favorite.

Our Thoughts:

Little M is a super picky eater so when I heard about Monkey Brains Oatmeal and Bars I was hopeful since 1. It has monkeys all over it and 2. They have a chocolate banana flavor. However what I did not expect was for little M’s favorite to be the blueberry bars and oatmeal.  I will gladly buy little M more Monkey Brains and grin as he eats a snack that he has no idea is actually good for him!
Monkey Brains Granola Bars
Ramble Sam and Little M enjoying thier bars.

Ramble Sam was home when we were trying the Monkey Brain Oatmeal and Bars. His favorite is the strawberry. After taking a bite he said “Wow a healthy bar that actually taste good. We will have to buy some more.”

I really like the maple brown sugar oatmeal and the Chocolate peanut butter banana bars. I love the fact that it is a fast snack without the guilt. I was surprised by the flavor often times healthy snacks can be bland or have a chalky taste to them. Monkey Brains has neither and in fact surpasses the taste of Quaker. I love the oatmeal and the fact that it is fast makes it a winner in our home.
We also had three other people try them and they gave thumbs up as well.

Monkey Brains Granola Bars


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