Dark Intercept (The Shepherds Series #1) by Brian Andrews and Jeffery Wilson | Supernatural Suspense Review

Dark Intercept (The Shepherds Series #1) by Brian Andrews and Jeffery Wilson

Shepherds Series #1
Brian Andrews and Jeffery Wilson
Supernatural Suspense

When dark forces rise, are faith and firepower enough?

On the eve of his medical retirement, Navy SEAL Jedidiah Johnson receives a frantic call from his estranged childhood best friend David Yarnell. David’s daughter has been kidnapped off the streets of Nashville in broad daylight. The police have no suspects and no leads. The only clue: the body of a dead priest left behind at the scene. With the clock ticking, David is growing desperate, as is his wife, Rachel . . . Jed’s first love.

Despite his painful history with David and Rachel, Jed agrees to help. But he’s spent his career as a door-kicking Navy SEAL, not an investigator. His presence immediately draws unwanted attention, creates friction with the local police, and triggers a mysterious attempt on his life. Just when he thinks things can’t get worse, it starts to happen again―the voices in his head, the nightmares, the visions. Dark memories and strange abilities, things he believed he’d left behind when he fled Nashville for the Navy at eighteen, begin to resurface.

Jed realizes that to save the missing girl, he must take a leap of faith and embrace the gifts he’s denied for all these years. To foil this dark intercept, he’ll need more than just his years as a SEAL operator, because he has no choice now but to take up arms and join the battle in the unseen spiritual warfare raging all around him. And there is far more at stake than just a missing girl: the world is not the place he thought it was―and he is not alone.

Follow the military heroes of The Shepherds series as they bring the power of light into the dark mystery of Sara Beth’s abduction.

My Thoughts

This book has sat in my TBR pile for a couple of months. Several of my friends had read it and enjoyed it but I just wasn't sure it was my cup of tea. But I eventually took a chance on it and I'm glad I did.

My hesitation didn't change right away. The prologue and first couple of chapters were very military focused and I almost set the book aside. But then a different aspect was introduced and the roller coaster ride began. And what a ride it was. 

The book description says it is a military thriller with a supernatural twist. That's exactly what it is in all the exciting ways. The supernatural twist usually gives me pause but this was just fascinating. I don't like books with that 'woo-woo' factor. This story did a good job of not crossing into that territory. 

I just noticed that there are two more books scheduled in this series and I'm looking forward to reading them both. 


I received a copy of this book to facilitate my review.


The Bookseller's Promise (The Amish Bookstore #1) by Beth Wiseman | Amish Fiction Review

The Bookseller's Promise by Beth Wiseman

The Amish Bookstore #1
Amish Fiction

An unrequited romance and a rare book . . .

Yvonne Wilson makes the trek from Texas to Indiana with just one goal in mind: to convince Amishman Jake Lantz to sell her client a rare book from his collection. But Jake is as strong-willed as Yvonne. On the eve of his grandfather’s death, Jake vowed never to sell the book, and he intends to keep that promise. But he can’t say more than that, having never read it and not knowing why it was so dear to his grossdaadi.

Eva Graber has loved Jake since he hired her to work in his bookstore years ago, but he doesn’t seem to notice she’s blossomed into a beautiful woman. When Yvonne shows up and seems like she might turn Jake’s eye, Eva suggests she and Jake should read the book together.

What happens after that surprises them all, and the book leads the trio deep into mysterious questions about life and death, love and loss, and the impenetrable purposes of God.

My Thoughts

A new series from Beth Wiseman and the story involves a bookstore . . . what could be better? How about a little mystery and romance? Well that's in there too. 

Jake Lantz inherited the bookstore from his grandfather along with a mysterious old book. Jake's grandfather gave it all to him with the only stipulation being that he not ever sell the book. Jake made the promise and fully intends to keep it.

It just so happens that Yvonne Wilson from Texas is looking for that exact book and tracks it down to Jake's bookstore. On a whim she decides to make the trip to Indiana to try to convince Jake to sell it. That trip will change all of their lives.

Throughout the story I loved the subtle reminder that no matter the circumstances God works everything out for His people. It's often in the bleakest of times that He makes His plan known. 

I enjoyed the faith journey of Yvonne and the budding romance of longtime friends Jake and Eva and I look forward to reading more about these delightful people in coming books in the series.


I received a copy of this book from the publisher to facilitate my review.


The Lady's Mine by Francine Rivers | Historical Romance Review

The Lady's Mine by Francine Rivers

Historical Romance

1875. When Kathryn Walsh arrives in tiny Calvada, a mining town nestled in the Sierra Nevadas, falling in love is the farthest thing from her mind. Banished from Boston by her wealthy stepfather, she has come to claim an inheritance from the uncle she never knew: a defunct newspaper office on a main street overflowing with brothels and saloons, and a seemingly worthless mine. Moved by the oppression of the local miners and their families, Kathryn decides to relaunch her uncle’s newspaper―and then finds herself in the middle of a maelstrom, pitted against Calvada’s most powerful men. But Kathryn intends to continue to say―and publish―whatever she pleases, especially when she knows she’s right.

Matthias Beck, owner of a local saloon and hotel, has a special interest in the new lady in town. He instantly recognizes C. T. Walsh’s same tenacity in the beautiful and outspoken redhead―and knows all too well how dangerous that family trait can be. While Kathryn may be right about Calvada’s problems, her righteousness could also get her killed. But when the handsome hotelier keeps finding himself on the same side of the issues as the opinionated Miss Walsh, Matthias’s restless search for purpose becomes all about answering the call of his heart.

My Thoughts

I was so excited when Francine River's newest book came out. I put it on my Kindle as soon as possible. But I found myself putting off reading it. While I have loved each and every book that she has written they usually contain serious and even heavy emotional material. 

I don't know about you, but at our house it's been a long two years and I just wasn't in the frame of mind to read something heavy. Then one day I read a blog post by Francine Rivers about The Lady's Mine In the post she talks about all of us coming out of a heavy season and her desire to write something lighter that we could all find enjoyment in. 

With that information I decided to take a chance and give it a read. I'm so glad I did. It was a delightful story about a rugged man and a feisty woman who find themselves at odds about most things but also drawn together about the important things. The title is a clever double meaning and it was just the escape that I needed. If you enjoy a good historical romance give this one a shot.


I received a copy of this book to facilitate my review.


Twilight at Moorington Cross by Abigail Wilson | Gothic Romance Review

Abigail Wilson
Historical Romance (Gothic)

An inheritance could provide her with financial freedom, a rare accomplishment for a woman in the Regency era; she only has to marry one of two men to gain it. But what if her heart belongs to a third?

Brushed cruelly aside by the only father figure she’s ever known and then hospitalized by her arranged husband months before his death, Amelia Pembroke means to take control of her future at last, one way or another. Yet she knows all too well she faces an uphill battle, considering her transient sleeping spells are only getting worse.

Cluett’s Mesmeric Hospital has been something of a refuge for Amelia over the past year, even if it didn’t exactly improve her condition. But when her doctor is murdered and her name surprisingly turns up in his will, her options take a drastic turn. She has thirty days to marry one of two named gentlemen—strangers to her—and she will inherit everything from her friend and doctor, Mr. Cluett. One simple decision and all her financial troubles are at an end. The only problem is it’s not a simple decision anymore. Not when she’s falling in love with another man.

Ewan Hawkins has received his first assignment as an apprenticed solicitor: to update a man’s will. Finally, a chance to prove to society that possessing a disfigurement won’t hold him back. Thus, he means to do his job well. Of course, he never could have anticipated a murder, nor the strange clause added to the will—nor, most importantly, the charming widow who has found a way to capture his heart.

My Thoughts

I love a well written Gothic romance and Twilight at Moorington Cross fits that description. It has all the expected elements. A creepy house with unexplored areas that are probably hiding some sinister secret. Characters that may or may not be who they appear to be. And of course a heroine that finds herself in a perilous situation. 

The whole story was captivating but the ending was definitely the icing on the cake. I highly recommend this one!


I received a copy of this book to facilitate my review.


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First Winds of Autumn
Winds of Autumn
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