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The American Queen by Vanessa Miller

The American Queen
Vanessa Miller
Historical Fiction

Over the twenty-four years she was enslaved on the Montgomery Plantation, Louella learned to feel one thing: hate. Hate for the man who sold her mother. Hate for the overseer who left her daddy to hang from a noose. Hate so powerful there's no room in her heart for love, not even for the honorable Reverend William, whom she likes and respects enough to marry.

But when William finally listens to Louella's pleas and leads the formerly enslaved people off the plantation, Louella begins to replace her hate with hope. Hope that they will find a place where they can live free from fear. Hope that despite her many unanswered prayers, she can learn to trust for new miracles.

Soon, William and Louella become the appointed king and queen of their self-proclaimed Kingdom of the Happy Land. And though they are still surrounded by opposition, they continue to share a message of joy and goodness--and fight for the freedom and dignity of all.

The American Queen weaves together themes of love, hate, hope, trust, and resilience in the face of great turmoil. With every turn of the page, you will be transported to a pivotal period in American history, where oppressed people become extraordinary heroes.

My Thoughts

The American Queen is a story that will stay with me for a long time to come. It's not a story that's easy to read. In fact the first section is brutal and hard to read. But in my opinion it's something we as a people need to face so that it doesn't happen again. 

Before you start this story I would urge you to read the forward by the author. It will give you insight into what her motives were in writing the story as she did. It will keep you from being offended and let you enjoy the story as it unfolds.

Now let me tell you what I enjoyed about this story. First it's based on an historical time and place that I knew nothing about. The main character is Louella and her tenacity and fortitude are truly inspiring. Through overwhelming adversity she continues to make her face like flint and presses forward.

One of the things that's most admirable about Louella is that she doesn't just seek better for herself but also her people. Mind you, this was done at a great personal cost but she just continued to press on. By the time they reached their ultimate destination I was cheering so hard for them. The difficulties weren't over by a long shot but you could see that there was a better day coming.

I truly can't recommend this book enough. Again, it's not an easy read but by the time you turn the last page I think you will be just as moved as I was. 


I received a copy of this book from the publisher to facilitate my review.

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