I've been Punk'd!

Have you ever been punk’d or maybe in another term, played the fool?

This past week I was completely punk’d by a poser. I love to read other blogs and  I came across a blog called “Other Side of the Rainbow”. This blog told a personal story of losing two babies. The first baby was lost late in a pregnancy and the second baby was killed in a recent car accident.

I was in tears after reading this woman’s story.  I even posted it to my facebook and twitter accounts requesting prayers for this sweet family. Then on Thursday night I found out that these stories were not true. They had been completely fabricated by the blog owner. You can read the complete story here

It is such a humbling situation to know that you completely fell for a lie, hook, line and sinker. So, what’s a girl to do once she’s been punk’d? Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and learn from the situation! Here are some new rules for me and some tips for you on how to protect yourself from internet posers:

1)    When coming across a blog be as guarded as you would be when coming across a stranger in person.
2)    Ask yourself…Is the blog credible?
3)    Where is the evidence, such as photos, to back the story up?
4)    Remember to take a step back and assess the story as a whole. Don’t get caught up in the emotion of the situation.
5)    Lastly, if the story sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. Go with your gut!

The bottom line is that I am responsible for what I share with my readers and I am sorry for not looking into this blog before sharing it with you. Also please pray for this woman she must have a sad life to do something like this.



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