Fatal Exchange by Lisa Harris ~ A Romantic Suspense Review

Southern Crimes, Book 2
Lisa Harris
Romantic Suspense

About the book:

Desperate times create desperate people. 
And desperate people are dangerous . . . 

Though Emily Hunt comes from a family of cops, the relatively quiet life of a high school teacher suits her just fine. She's saving up to buy a house, slowly moving forward after her brother's death, and settling into a life she loves. So the last person she wants to spend time with is Mason Taylor.

An undercover cop, Mason is enemy number one as far as her family is concerned. His involvement in the death of Emily's brother is still up in the air, and now he expects her to help him with a case. Mason has been working with one of her students, Rafael Cerda, whose brother has been kidnapped by a drug cartel. And with time running out to meet their demands, Rafael is getting desperate.

Emily will have to draw on all of her strength to handle what happens next . . .

Fatal Exchange will draw you into a complex matrix of intertwining lives, unraveling secrets, and unexpected love.


My thoughts:

This book has more twists and turns than a country road in the Ozarks! The book starts out nice and calm and introduces you to Emily and Mason and allows you to see that they have a bit of history together and some simmering interest in each other. But of course Emily has sworn off of men in law enforcement and Mason is an undercover detective so it seems to be a moot point.

Then suddenly, almost without warning, there is a sharp turn in the story and an unexpected circumstance throws them together in order to save their lives and those around them. Even in the midst of this situation where you think you know what is going on . . . you don't! 

The book is like a roller coaster ride. The situation builds and builds and builds (can you hear the click, click, click of the coaster going up the track?) then before you know it you've reached the apex and you are suddenly plunged into total chaos and terror. Just like a roller coaster ride this scenario repeats several times before you come to the conclusion. But is everything safe? As with any good serial novel you just don't know. One little glimpse into something that leads to book three keeps you buckled in and ready to take another ride. 

Since this is book two in the series I am usually asked if the book can be read as a stand-alone novel. In this case I would say yes, but . . . there is an underlying story-line that stretches from book one and obviously continues into book three. If you don't mind not knowing all the tiny details go ahead and read this book and enjoy it. If you want to thoroughly enjoy the complete story go back and read Dangerous Passage. Then you can be like the rest of us, eagerly awaiting the release of book three in the Spring of 2015.

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