Snap Decision by Nathan Whitaker ~ A Juvenile Fiction Review

Game Face, Book 1
Nathan Whitaker
Juvenile Fiction

Back of the book:

Sometimes The Right Move Isn't In The Playbook

Chase paused. He knew the right answer. Tripp had been knocked out, and when he came back to reality, it wasn't really reality. Tripp didn't even know why Chase was standing over him. They'd had conversations for weeks about Chase playing varsity, and now Tripp didn't even know Chase was on the team.

As Chase thought, Tripp was looking at Chase, pleading silently with his eyes. Begging. His shaggy blond hair was sweaty, matted and all messed up, and his eyes still looked somewhat wild to Chase, who had known him for so long. They looked watery and red.

Chase thought of their friendship. He knew that Tripp would do what was best for him--but what was that? Let him keep playing or tell the truth?

My thoughts:

It's football season in small town Lincoln, Florida. For Chase Clark and his best friend Tripp Stevens this is the time of year that they look forward to. Both boys are in junior high but Tripp has been called up to the varsity football team and it is looking like Chase may just get his chance at varsity as well.

When Chase finally makes his varsity debut all seems to be right in his world, until an unexpected hit leaves his best friend with an injury that takes him out of the game. Chase is the one that has to admit that Tripp blacked out and was confused. Tripp becomes angry and withdraws from his friend, blaming him for having to sit out of games. Will their long lasting friendship survive?

Snap Decision is a book about football, but it is also a book about friendship, character, integrity and forgiveness. The story takes a good look at the effects of concussions in teens. It also delves into the pressure that is put on players to just ignore the injury and play through the pain. But the story doesn't stop there it also encompasses what it means to truly be a friend.

This would be a great book for the boy in your life that loves sports. I think he will come away from it enjoying a good story but also learning what it really means to be a good friend and teammate.

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