An August Bride by Debra Clopton ~ A Year of Weddings Novella {eBook Review}

An August Bride
A Year of Weddings, Book 9
Debra Clopton
Contemporary Fiction

About the book:

A year's worth of novellas from twelve inspirational romance authors. 
Happily ever after guaranteed.

After a cowboy broke her heart, Kelsey Wilcox traded in her boots for flip-flops and a bistro on the beautiful sandy beach of Corpus Christi. Two years later, still not believing in happy endings, she is about to endure a weekend of torture at her cousin's beach wedding. Not only will she be forced to watch yet another wedding, but her great-aunt and her two best friends - aptly nicknamed "the matchmaking posse of Mule Hollow" - are coming to the wedding, and Kelsey is sure to be on their radar.

Brent Corbin has had his share of bad luck with women and isn't looking for love or looking forward to the weekend festivities as a groomsman for his friend. When he sees a commotion on the beach and what appears to be a mermaid in distress, he doesn't hesitate to dive to the rescue. His attention is instantly captured by the woman he's saved and it turns out they're part of the same wedding party. But the instant Kelsey spots his soaking wet boots, she wants no part of him.

Thrown together through the weekend and with the meddlesome encouragement from the matchmakers, Brent is determined to pursue Kelsey and change her mind about cowboys. Sparks fly at this August wedding as Kelsey and Brent dance a rocky Texas two-step toward a beach wedding of their own.

A year's worth of novellas from twelve inspirational romance authors. Happily ever after guaranteed.

My thoughts:

When you've been burned by someone you tend to stay away from that type of person. In Kelsey's case it is cowboys. She doesn't want anything at all to do with them. She's made a vow to herself that she will never ever fall for a cowboy. But then along comes Brent Corbin. He's everything she wants in a man, but he's a cowboy and that is a definite NO!

Brent is determined to wear Kelsey down. He's had hurts of his own, but just being in the presence of Kelsey is a salve to those old wounds. If he can just get her to let her guard down long enough to prove to her that he can be trusted.

Who doesn't love a little romance of the cowboy variety?!! An August Bride is so much deliciousness (pun intended) all wrapped up in this little novella. Just getting to read about Esther Mae, Norma Sue, and Adela also known as the notorious Matchmakin' Posse of Mule Hollow is a treat in and of itself. Everyone needs an aunt like Ester Mae . . . scheming but utterly lovable. Did I also mention that the story is set in Corpus Christi? So not only does it include handsome cowboys but a beach is involved. That's an absolute win-win in my book.

This was a great addition to the Year of Weddings series. If you like a little romance mixed with humor you're going to enjoy this one. It is a quick read so grab your glass of iced tea and find a comfy spot then just relax and enjoy!


  1. I was looking at this series the other day and trying to decide if I wanted to jump into such a long series. Worth it?

    1. I say jump in! Each novella is stand-alone so you don't have to read them all or even in order. It has been a fun series to read. They are short and sweet, perfect for a quick afternoon read.


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