Creative Ways To Teach Your Children Scripture {Giveaway}

Teach Your Children (Deuteronomy 6:5-7)

Scripture tells us in (Deuteronomy 6:5-7 NIV) that we should make sure that our children know the Word of God. We are to teach them all day long in everything we do. That thought has weighed heavy on my heart lately and I decided to take stock of the ways in which we were doing that in our home.

I don't want my kids to think that learning Scripture is drudgery. After all the Bible tells us that the joy of the Lord is our strength. (Nehemiah 8:10 NIV) And I certainly want my kids to be strong. So I began looking at how we are currently teaching them and also ways that we could incorporate more of it into our daily lives. Here's a short list of some things I came up with.

Miss M reading about the crucifixion of Christ.
Miss M is retelling the story of the crucifixion of Christ.
I'm so thrilled with how well she is able to grasp the concept.

1. Read the Word. This may sound like a simple "of course we should do that" suggestion but let me define what I mean. Read the Word to your children in a translation that they can understand. I grew up with the KJV and to be honest I love the lyrical sound of Scripture in that version. But there are wonderful translations today that are written on a reading level that your children can understand and read for themselves. We are currently using the NIrV Beginner's Bible which was designed for six to ten year-olds. This is perfect for our accomplished reader and even our two beginning readers.

Mr. M reading the Nativity story.
Mr. M is one of our beginning readers.
He does a pretty good job of reading the stories straight out of the NIrV Beginner's Bible.

2. Listen to the Word. Listening is an important skill set for our children. Besides just reading the Bible aloud to your kids there are other ways to get them to learn to listen and absorb Scripture. We've been using The Beginner's Bible and Audio CDs from the Collector's Edition. My beginning readers are particularly enjoying this. They can follow along in the book while the story is being told on the CDs. This works perfectly for us at home and in the car. The bonus is that it frees momma up for a bit to get those important things done like having a second cup of coffee!

The epic battle between David and Goliath.
Let the battle begin!

3. Watch the Word. There's nothing wrong with your kids watching a DVD at home or in the car now and then. In fact I think it is another great way to teach Scripture to my kids. We have several DVDs that we like that have a great message. The one that is currently in the car is from the Beginner's Bible Collector's Edition. It has 94 different videos that take the kids from Genesis with "The Beginning" and lead them all the way to Revelation with "Jesus Is Coming!". That is 120 minutes of peace for the whole car and on a long trip you know that is priceless!

Even little ones can learn Bible stories.
Even the littlest ones can learn Bible stories.

4. Play with the Word.  The other day we were at our local Mardel store and found the most adorable play figures that go along with the Beginner's Bible line. We picked up Daniel and the Lion, David and Goliath, Jesus and the Cross, Moses and the 10 Commandments, Jonah and the Whale, and even a Nativity Set.

The possibilities with these play sets are endless. They match all of the Beginner's Bible Baby Board Books, the I Can Read series, and even the regular reading books.  We have had so much fun reading the stories aloud while the other kids act it out with the figurines. What has really been a blessing is listening to my little ones tell the story by themselves with the figures. Okay, so maybe the three year-old has a few different twists to the story of Jonah and the Whale, but he's getting there and that's what we're after.

Mr H's version of Jonah and the Whale
Mr. H has a very interesting version of the Jonah and the Whale story.
I really need to get it on video.

 Teaching our kids Scripture is a responsibility but it is also a delightful privilege.  I hope my list gives you some food for thought and inspires you to be creative in teaching your children the Scriptures.

We've had so much fun with our Beginner's Bible books and toys that we want a couple of our readers to have the opportunity to experience it in their homes as well.

The Giveaway

Beginner's Bible Collector's Edition Giveaway

We have partnered with Zonderkidz  and Mardel to offer TWO of our readers a copy of The Beginner's Bible Collector's Edition. The giveaway is open to U.S. residents and will run through midnight on Friday, June 5, 2015. You must be at least 18 years old to enter. The winner will be contacted by email and will have forty-eight hours to claim the prize. If unclaimed, a new winner will be drawn. The winners’ entries will be verified. Please enter the contest using the Giveaway Tools form below. All entries are optional.


  1. We say the Scripture verse we are trying to get the kids to memorize with them 2 or 3 times a day after devotions and eventually they remember it!

  2. We will say scripture while driving in the car! Mainly because my 3 year old is strapped in so its easier to keep her attention that way lol

  3. There are so many Christian cartoons out there that our kids love to watch, and you can get the dvds and watch them on the go.

  4. we go to church and we readthe bible everyday and pray and grace at meal times this is an amazing prize would be a great blessing to win this my grandkids are just starting to get older that they are readu for their first time bibles .ty for this great chance

  5. My daughter is only two, so I teach Scripture through song. For example, we sing Genesis 1:1 in the tune of "Are You Sleeping?"

  6. Definitely " Life at the Pond" it's a great Christian kids DVD !

  7. The Christian cartoons and music do help.

  8. My kids like to draw pictures of them.

  9. My nieces memorize scripture by studying it. They also read bible stories at church and at home. Thank you for the chance :)

  10. My nieces memorize scripture by studying it. They also read bible stories at church and at home. Thank you for the chance :)


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