DIY Type: 50+ Typographic Stencils for Decorating, Crafting, and Gifting by Dana Tanamachi {Craft Book Review}

DIY Type: 50+ Typographic Stencils for Decorating, Crafting, and Gifting by Dana Tanamachi

Book review disclosure.

Craft - Handlettering

Dana Tanamachi, the Brooklyn-based typographer whose exquisite hand-lettered murals fueled a chalk-writing trend, offers a book of alphabet stencils for all-purpose craft projects.

Inspired by the contemporary aesthetic of rendering type by hand, celebrated designer Dana Tanamachi shares a full set of upper and lower case alphabet stencils to create wall compositions, monogram t-shirts and jackets, personalize journals and school supplies, embroider pillows, and host parties filled with customized cakes and banners. With beautiful photographs and simple tutorials, you’ll find endless ways to decorate with type and joy in discovering the happy imperfections unique to your own application.

Happy Birthday chalkboard sign using stencils.
An example from the book for using the stencils. 

My Thoughts

If you have been following the chalkboard typography craze you have most likely stumbled upon some of Dana Tanamachi's artwork. She has done some amazing work for some very popular companies. I've enjoyed looking at her designs and when I saw DIY Type come out I had to get it.

I hate to admit it but I was quite disappointed with the book. It is only 92 pages long and it contains two sets of alphabet stencils. One of them is upper case and the other is lower case. The upper case letters are two to a page so you can do the math and realize that most of the book is taken up with the stencils. 

There are some darling pictures of some of Dana's projects using the stencils but no where near what I was expecting. Unless I had a really great coupon or this book were on a deep discount I most likely would pass it up for a similar book on the topic. (I'm cringing as I say that because I really do love her work.)

Personalized notebooks using stencil.
Personalized notebooks using the stencils.

Personalized throw pillow using stencil.
The stencils were used to personalize this pillow.

Connect With The Author

Dana Tanamachi as featured in the Wall Street Journal.
Couldn't resist using this photo of the author that was featured in the Wall Street Journal.
The quote is from Scripture. I Thessalonians 4:11

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