God Remains The Strength Of My Heart {Bible Journaling}

One of the blogs that I follow is Little House Studio. Jenn just inspires me! Not only is her art beautiful, but the words she shares on her page are ones that uplift and encourage.

A few days ago she generously shared this free printable. I couldn't resist printing it off and adding it to my Journaling Bible. I just printed it on cardstock and then cut it out and secured it with washi tape so it would be like a tip in. The size is about 5 x 5. You can download it yourself here.

I enjoy doing my own artwork in my Bible, but I also like to include work from others. It's a nice reminder to me that we aren't on this journey alone. 

Do you print out other people's artwork and include it in your Bible?


  1. I love this and I do the same! Bethany from Pitter&Glink has some great printables too!

    1. Thanks for the heads up Mary! I'm headed over to check out Bethany's page now. I love seeing others work!


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