Little Love Letters from God by Glenys Nellist {Children's Book Review}

Illustrated by Sophie Allsopp
Juvenile Nonfiction (ages 3-5)

"I had so much fun making the world! But do
you know the very best thing I made?
It was you!"

What child doesn't love to receive mail? In this heartwarming lift-the-flap book, children can open and read their own personal mail from God as they experience some of the best-loved stories of the Bible. As each captivating story unfolds, children will eagerly await the opportunity to open the envelope and read God's message of love written especially for them.

Here's a nice little peek inside the book. 

My Thoughts

A little over a year ago Love Letters from God came out and I reviewed it and told you how much I really liked it. I shared it with my older grandchildren and we enjoyed reading and discussing the content. Unfortunately it just wasn't suitable for the littlest grands. The flaps would have easily torn and we would have all been sad so I didn't share it with them.

I'm happy to tell you that Little Love Letters from God has the wonderful essence of the original but it is perfectly designed for those sweet little hands to engage with the content. The same eight stories are included but Glenys has turned them into rhythmic poems that are short and sweet and capture the attention span of little ones. The beautiful illustrations from Sophie are also simplified but they are every bit as darling as the originals. Each story is from the Bible and reinforces just how much God loves his little children. Just like the original each letter can be customized for your special little one. 

If you enjoyed Love Letters from God with your older children I think you will enjoy Little Love Letters from God for your younger children. I'm so glad that we have copies of both because you can never share too much about how much God loves His children.

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  1. Bless you Brandi, for the wonderful review. I so appreciate it!


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