Bon Appetit (French Twist #2) by Sandra Byrd | Contemporary Fiction Review

Bon Appetit (French Twist #2) by Sandra Byrd
Bon Appetit
French Twist, #2
Sandra Byrd
Contemporary Fiction

I loved this book! Byrd has once again out done herself in this novel. Lexi is off to pastry school in Paris!

Byrd does an excellent job of painting pictures with her words. Throughout the book I felt as though I were experiencing life in Paris with Lexi. I could also relate to Lexi wanting to do what she loves. Throughout the book Lexi faces setbacks, culture shock, and homesickness. Will she choose to stay in Paris or return home to all she knows???

I would recommend this book to people who love food. Sandra Byrd is an excellent writer and I look forward to book three!

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