Book review: The Final Summit by Andy Andrews

The Final Summit
Andy Andrews
2 out of 5
The Final Summit is the sequel to The Traveler’s Gift. This is a fact that I was unaware of when I began reading The Final Summit. While I somewhat agree that you can read the sequel without reading the first book, I think you would have a much better grasp of what is going on by reading them in order.  I went back and found a synopsis of The Traveler’s Gift and then I proceeded to read The Final Summit.
The book picks up several years after the first one leaves off. David’s wife, Ellen, has died and he can’t seem to pull himself out of the depression he feels at her loss. Once again Gabriel appears to him and takes him on a journey. They arrive at an unknown place that holds a conference table with stadium seating surrounding it. The first historical figure to appear is Winston Churchill.
Gabriel poses a question to the two of them, “What does humanity need to do, individually and collectively, to restore itself to the pathway toward successful civilization?” They are given five parameters that they must abide by in order to solve the question. The first is that they will be allowed to call on five other advisers besides themselves. The second is the time limit that has been set. The third is that they can talk amongst themselves, but not directly to the group surrounding them in the stadium seating. The fourth is that they have five chances at answering. And the fifth and final item is that Gabriel will be the arbiter. The other Traveler’s to make up the core group are Joan of Arc, Abraham Lincoln, Eric Erickson, and King David.
The story grabbed me from the beginning. I really thought that I was going to enjoy this book, but I quickly became frustrated with the whole storyline. It seemed to be the same thing over and over with different new historical characters added in. It went way beyond any theology that I am comfortable with. The answer to the question seemed to obviously involve Christ himself…but that wasn’t the author’s answer.
* I received a copy of this book from Thomas Nelson and book sneeze for my honest review. No other compensation was received.

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