Book review: Holy Guacamole by Dan Harmer, Denise Harmer

Holy Guacamole
Dan & Denise Harmer
2 out of 5
Trace Domingo is a washed up sports reporter that has turned his sights onto a new career. He wants to become a chef. He applies and finally makes it into his idol, Bonnie Miller’s, culinary boot camp. Once there he quickly learns that he will learn very little about culinary arts. He and his fellow “booties” wind up being slave labor to the culinary diva.
Midway through the book we get a peek into Bonnie’s life and what has made her into the impossible person she has become. I think the authors wanted us to have some empathy for this character, but to me she is just rude.
I so wanted to like this book, but I just never could click with it. The storyline had such potential but the characters were shallow and the dialogue was downright awful. It is loaded with cliques that get old very quick. One of the most annoying ongoing elements in the book was the way Bonnie would use the names of peppers, i.e. jalapeno, instead of saying a curse word.  
My note to the authors would be, please try again. You had a good idea in a story, but your characters and dialogue just needed to be developed.
I received this book for my honest review. No other compensation was received.

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