Book review: Unsinkable by Abby Sunderland and Lynn Vincent

Abby Sunderland and Lynn Vincent
3 out of 5
This is the story of Abby Sunderland’s journey to circumnavigate the globe. She was sixteen years old at the time and her journey follows her slightly older brother’s successful trip just two years earlier. While Abby didn’t complete the whole journey she did make it past Cape Horn, making her the youngest person to ever do so.
The story itself is riveting. It is written in a first person format and that first person is sixteen so it doesn’t quite have the polish of a more experienced writer. It is filled with nautical terms that can be a bit overwhelming if you are not a sailor. However, in the back of the book a definition of terms, a map of the journey, and a diagram of the vessel are included that help clear things up a bit.
While I was amazed that not only one child but two from the same family had attempted this, I just couldn’t get past how irresponsible it seemed of the parents. I can’t imagine ever allowing my teenagers to do something so risky. I must admit that in itself prejudiced me towards the story. If I set that aside, I still say there were too many side stories for my liking. I would have enjoyed a more polished and tightly written tale. The story did leave me wondering if a third child of theirs would attempt this as well.
*I received this book from Thomas Nelson and Book sneeze for my review.

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