Rambles from the SAHM: We are having a.............??????????

Little M big brother.

Little M is excited to have a baby BROTHER!!

Now I keep thinking of what I will need with two boys. Double stroller, big brother, little brother shirts, a carrier, and a wagon! What are your must haves for being a mother of two? Do you prefer a double stroller that is side by side or one in front of the other? Let RambleSAHM know!


  1. congrats, I have 3 kids all within 5 years. I think the smaller side by sides are great. We had a combi which I am sure they dont make anymore good luck you have alot of time to research deals.


  2. How wonderful...congratulations! Love the idea of Big Brother/Little Brother shirts...those are too cute. My two girls are almost six years apart so they didn't share much of anything.

  3. Oh how wonderful!
    I love boys!

    And as for a name for the boy haha... Like I just posted on Mommy2nanny3Doggy1 I didnt know till I was overdue lol... I ended up going with My Grandad on my moms side for his first name and then my Grandad on my dads sides middle name :)
    I can't stand the fact all the names now adays are all the same. Kaleb, Kayden, Finn stuff like that. Robert is very common but no one names their child common names anymore. My Daughter is Alora and there is only 5 other Alora's in all of north america! And actually we know two of them! well you know according to the 2010 census...

    So yea naming is hard. My best advice. If it brings up bad memories (ie. Oh Jim I knew a Jim he chewed used gum!) its probably not a good idea to name your kid Jim... Just sayin :)

    Your blog is adorable! I love the Halloween Banner!


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