Preggers Maternity Tights

Preggers by Therafirm

About Preggers:
Preggers by Therafirm™ is a unique line of maternity support hose and compression products developed by future moms for future moms. We invited moms-to-be to try our products and provide opinions on styles, colors, and fit. Our “Preggers Mommas” team was an integral part of our product and brand development to ensure a full line of healthy products that will benefit you during and post-preggers.
What does gradient compression hosiery do?
Support Hose or graduated compression has often been recommended for use during pregnancy to help energize tired, achy legs and to help reduce and prevent swelling. True gradient compression hosiery delivers a controlled amount of pressure greatest at the ankle and gradually decreases towards the top of the stocking promoting better blood flow to help energize tired legs and feet, improve circulation, and assist in the prevention of swelling. They are also ideal for individuals required to sit or stand for long periods of time.
What is unique about Preggers by Therafirm™ compression products?
Finally, maternity compression products where you, expecting moms, are being heard. No more stigma of the old, “yucky” compression that is available in only a few styles, off-trend colors, is uncomfortable, hard to get on, and expensive. We believe you can wear compression and get the benefits it provides and still be fashionable. We want to you to feel AND look great!
Some lucky mommas out there never experience any of the discomforts of swelling or fatigue during pregnancy. (Lucky you!) But because Preggers is light compression it is ideal for everyday wear. Moms simply appreciate wearing light compression products because they energize tired, achy legs. And what busy mom couldn’t use a little extra energy, improved circulation, and shaping support?

Preggers Maternity Tights

My thoughts:
I have always loved tights! This probably comes from being in dance since age five. So when I became pregnant and found out baby was not due until the beginning of February I knew I was going to need some good maternity tights. I looked around at some local maternity stores but found many of them only carried Pantyhose or footless tights and most were overpriced. I kept thinking maybe I could just cut off the top of my old tights but then I pictured them rolling down during the middle of church. YIKES! I then decided to hop online and see if any Mom bloggers had recommended anything. I was happy to find on my first Google search a company called Preggers. I found not only did they carry tights but they were especially made to support the pregnant body and they were affordable! When my pair of black Maternity Tights arrived for review I was thrilled that the company stood by what they said. The tights are smooth and soft! They offer support without being too tight. I am looking forward to wearing tights this fall and winter!  If you are not a fan of Tights Preggers also offers Trouser Socks, Knee Highs, Pantyhose, and Footless Tights.

Some features to love about Preggers.

· Unique top that will fit during all stages of pregnancy. Our
built-in tummy support panel provides a sense of stability for
active mommas and can be worn folded under belly or
unfolded to cover belly.

·         Super soft material is breathable and provides shaping support.

·         Toe is reinforced for durability and rounded for a comfortable fit.

·         Micro-Cool® process creates a wicking effect so moisture evaporates from the skin quickly   providing a comfortable coolness.

·    Smooth seams that will not dig into your tummy or show under clothes.


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