A Christmas Journey Home by Kathi Macias

A Christmas Journey by Kathi Macias
A Christmas Journey Home
Kathi Macias
Christian Fiction
5 out of 5

During Isabella Alcantara’s seventh month of pregnancy, her parents and siblings are murdered in gang- and drug-related violence—in a home targeted by mistake. Isabella knows the same thing could easily happen to her and her husband, Francisco. When her grandfather offers to hire a “coyote” to bring them across the border to America, she agrees.

Living on one of the smaller spreads along the Arizona border, Miriam nelson becomes furious with God and turns from her faith when her border patrol agent husband, David, is killed in a skirmish with drug smugglers. Her mother and young son do their best to woo her back from anger and bitterness.

Isabella and Miriam—one driven by fear and a promise, the other by bitterness and revenge—must make their journeys along different pathways to the same destination on Christmas Eve. Forced to face their personal demons, Isabella and Miriam soon discover a common yearning to bind them together in a most miraculous way.

My thoughts:

Kathi Macias has a unique way of taking a seemingly impossible situation and turning it on end to show the amazing way that nothing is impossible with God. She has done it once again in The Christmas Journey Home. In this story she tackles the subject of illegal immigration and all that surrounds it.

At the beginning of the book I started thinking that I’m not going to like this one because of the views that I have on the subject. I should have known better! If you think it is a pro illegal immigration book, it is not. If you think it is a hate the illegal’s book, it is not. It is a story of two women in a seemingly impossible situation. One is by choice and one is thrust into the situation.

This is a story about decisions made and the repercussions from those decisions on both sides. In my opinion that is the beauty of this book. A solution to the problem of illegal immigration is not provided. A story is told about two flawed individual families. The solution that is given is the grace of God. We are told in the Bible that we are to obey the laws. Often times we do not. We not only disobey man’s laws but we disobey God’s laws. There are consequences to those actions. The amazing thing about it is that through all of it God walks alongside us and gently guides us through bringing us to the place that He originally intended.

If you are looking for a warm fuzzy Christmas read, you might be disappointed in this one (unless you hang on till the very end). But, if you are looking for something that will provoke thought and discussion be sure and pick this one up. I promise you won’t be disappointed!

*I received a copy of this book from the author. No other compensation was received. This review is my honest opinion and may differ from others.

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