Southern Fried Sushi by Jennifer Rogers Spinola ~ A Contemporary Fiction Book Review

 Southern Fried Sushi by Jennifer Rogers Spinola


Southern Fried Sushi
Jennifer Spinola
Contemporary Fiction

Book description:

Ride the rollercoaster of Shiloh Jacobs’s life as her dreams derail, sending her on a downward spiral from the heights of an AP job in Tokyo to penniless in rural Virginia. Trapped in a world so foreign to her sensibilities and surrounded by a quirky group of friends, will she break through her hardened prejudices before she loses those who want to help her? Can she find the key to what changed her estranged mother’s life so powerfully before her death that she became a different woman—and can it help Shiloh too?

My thoughts:

I have to be honest and say that I picked this book up because I thought it would be a fun light read. I had just finished a very heavy serious book and was looking for a palette cleanser before I dove into another serious book. I was not disappointed in the least in this wonderful story, in fact I was blown away. The title is catchy and the synopsis sounds interesting and fun. The surprise comes with the depth of this novel.

The Gospel is presented over and over in a very natural conversational way. It isn't presented in a pound you over the head way but in a come let me tell you about this wonderful God that I serve way. I've not read anything at this level in the fiction realm in ages.

Jennifer Spinola you are now on my radar. If at all possible my book club will be doing this book soon! I can hardly wait to read the next book in the series, Like Sweet Potato Pie; its release date is March 1, 2012. From the author's website I've also read that there will be a third book in the series. Now that's good news!

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