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Sheaf House Publishers and Joe Bonsall, author and vocalist for the Oak Ridge Boys partner to raise funds for tornado-ravaged Branson, Missouri

On February 29, 2012 Branson, Missouri took a direct hit from an EF2 tornado. The tornado had winds of 120 to 130 mph, was 400 yards wide, and was on the ground for about 20 miles, according to a preliminary report from the National Weather Service. The storm smashed at least seven miles of the city’s commercial strip. The Taneyhills Community Library was one of the structures that was hit.

The history between Joe Bonsall, songwriter and vocalist for the Oak Ridge Boys, and Branson runs deep, and he was very concerned about the damage the town sustained. With Joe’s love of the written word it is only natural for Joe and his publisher, Sheaf House Publishers, to want to reach out and help in any way they could. They have allotted 3,000 copies of his latest book, From My Perspective, to raise money to help Taneyhills Community Library open its doors once again.


“When my book publishers contacted me with a desire to do something for Branson in the wake of these awful storms, I was moved and touched by their generosity,” said Bonsall. “I thought a great place to concentrate efforts would be the damaged library. I am hopeful that my little book, along with the generosity of Journey Press and Sheaf House, can be of some help.”

From March 5 through April 5, 2012, Bonsall will contribute 100% of his royalties on every copy of From My Perspective purchased directly from Sheaf House to Taneyhills Community Library in Branson, Missouri. Sheaf House will donate an additional $3.50 per copy sold and also cover the shipping and handling. The library will receive a combined total of $6.54 from every sale. The book can be purchased directly on the Sheaf House Direct website at  

* I am blogging about this because like Joe Bonsall Branson MO means a lot to me. I grew up in Branson and my parents still live there. As many of you know I love reading and would love to see the Taneyhills Community Library up and running again! Many thanks to Joe Bonsall and Sheaf House Publishing for their generous donations to Branson MO.

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