Ramblings of Motherhood...

*Warning* some images maybe be disturbing to some viewers!

Before children I looked like this

Now days I look more like this

However I get this

and this

now I need this

Motherhood is not for the faint of heart. On a side note...Little H just spit up down the back of my shirt.... Now you know why the Coke is necessary ;)


  1. This is great!!! Love it! You're so creative!

  2. lol. Thanks, just speaking the truth! I am sure you can relate! ;)

  3. Now you know exactly why your mamma is a Coke addict...I should clarify that and say Coca-Cola addict!

    Picture me saying this in my best Nicolas Cage voice..."(s)he must have needed this every day" (from Family Man in case you are having trouble placing it.)

    Love you!

  4. Wait...I just have one more comment...does your midwife know about this addiction of yours? Do you admit to this in the real world or only the cyber world?

    Just looking out for your best interests!

    Your Mamma

  5. Lol, a million times over! I so remember those days...and I miss them terribly. No wonder your mama is so proud of you. :)


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