Let's Talk Tuesday with @RambleSAHM

It’s Tuesday and I want to talk about my guilty pleasure. When you are a mom you have to find an outlet to keep you sane from watching too much Nick Jr. or in my current state being covered in spit up.

Anyway, back to my guilty pleasure! When everyone is finally asleep and my blog work is done, I read. Since I still have a 3 month old my reading time is limited, leaving just enough time to squeeze in a magazine article.

One of my favorite magazines is Good Housekeeping. I LOVE that magazine.  Well, yesterday it came in the mail and I had to wait all day to read it. Since I do not like to be interrupted I wait till everyone is asleep to read.

The first thing I read is the product reviews. I am always inspired by their reviews and end up taking notes on ways to improve my reviews. I hope to one day become a virtual type of Good Housekeeping. Meaning people come to my website, read my reviews and know what to purchase or more importantly what not to!

Big dreams?? Oh yes!

Confession time! What is your guilty pleasure?? Do you also have a favorite magazine that inspires you in your everyday life? Go ahead and leave a comment. I promise to read them all and comment back!



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  1. Southern Living...I LOVE that mag! I must read it cover to cover. I drool over the recipes (and I am definately NOT a foodie). I want my house to look like their houses. Mostly I want to visit the locations that are described.

    Ahhhh...when is that next issue getting here??!!



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