A Day of Rest! Where??

Baby H and I! 

 It is Monday again! Today I do not want to be anyone besides mom.

I have noticed that recently I have been in a hurry for everything. Rushing around and yet my to do list never ends! I am not sure what keeps me saying yes when I can easily say no. After all I have no problem telling my children no! It is always other adults that seem to eek a yes out me.

Yesterday I was sitting in church holding my sleeping baby and I realized how relaxed I was. I thought, what is it that makes me relaxed at church? Then I thought it is because all I am expected to do is listen and sit there. No to do list, no feeling guilt that I should be blogging, doing laundry or whatever else that needs to be done.

Now it is Monday and I find myself rocking and nursing my baby thinking if only I could do this all day with no to do list! Wouldn't it be nice to have just one day like that. Then it dawned on me isn’t that what Sunday is for? Aren’t we supposed to rest? YES, of course!!! 

 My problem is I look at Sunday as my catch-up day. Every Sunday I come home from church make lunch and then start blogging or doing laundry that is left over from the week.

I am not Amish nor do I ever want to be but I think they have something by keeping life simple. I honestly think that is why I like to read Amish fiction. I am longing for peace and a simple life.

So here is my Monday challenge, this coming Sunday I will not do anything besides be mom. I am going to spend the whole day with my babies and I am also going to do what the Amish do and make Sunday lunch sandwiches only!

Anyone else feel this way? Needing a day of rest but instead trade it in for a day of work! It’s my challenge to myself and you can join in as well!



  1. A day of rest sounds like a dream. But even if I didn't DO anything I know that I would still be thinking about all the things I SHOULD be doing!

  2. I think I will be following you in this! A Day of just FAMILY! NO electronic devices just good ol fashioned quality time! The computers and posts we need to get done can wait another day. After all we are only human!


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