Wordless Wednesday Summer Time Fun!

This past weekend we went to Silver Dollar City’s National KidsFest. As you can tell from the pictures little M was into their play centers. They have picnic tables under tents filled with legos, tinker toys, instruments, and lots of other things.

Since we have season passes we let little M enjoy the toys since we can ride the ride all year long. Little M is very excited to go back and see the Gazillion Bubbles show.

Family days can take a lot of planning on the parents part and they can also be a lot of work but the memories we are making are worth all the hard work. Even if Little M did not get a nap and pitched a fit until he fell asleep and Little H cried the whole way home. Those parts won’t be remembered but the time spent together will.



  1. I love summer! And these pictures are wonderful - love the last one of him playing the accordion :)

  2. Summer is our favorite season! You surely had the fun. Love all the colors too:)

    Visiting for Wordless Wednesday- hope you can stop by..



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