Jen's Homemade Mac & Cheese Recipe

Homemade Macaroni and Cheese:

1.       2 boxes of Elbow Noodles
2.       1 Stick butter
3.       2 Cans of Chedder Cheese Soup
4.       1 Jar of Ragu Cheese Sauce ( found next to the spaghetti sauce)


1.       Boil and drain the noodles
2.       Melt butter, chedder cheese soup, and ragu cheese sauce in pot
3.       Add noodles to the sauce until all is melted
4.       Top with shredded cheese
5.       Serve and enjoy!

This recipe is made by Jennifer Beauregard. She prefers to make this homemade Macaroni and Cheese over boxed Macaroni & Cheese for her family. Jennifer and her family live in Texas where she is a busy stay-at-home mom to seven kiddos ages 14,13,10,7,4,2 and 3 months!

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