Mommy Rambles~ Being tired makes me board!

Little H wants to know who needs sleep?

So little H has been teething a lot lately and sleeping through the night is now completely unheard of around here. I am beyond tired! Here is the thing though I am so tired I am bored and hungry all the time.

It seems when I get so little sleep I become this caffeine addicted, restless and always hungry person. It is like I can’t sit still or really focus on much. However I keep coming up with things I could do. Not like little thing but BIG things like how I could take over the world things! J

So even though I am sleep deprived I feel like my most brainstorming idea are good ones! Ones that are better than I have ever come up with before. So what is entrepreneur secret??? Little sleep and a lot of caffeine! No wonder very brilliant people go insane! 

Who needs sleep???


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