Wordless Wednesday ~ Where have you been?

Little M raking for fun! He takes after his father.

You may have noticed that I have missed several Wordless Wednesday posts.  So why has this happened???

Well, you see I am what some refer to as “disorganized”! How was I diagnosed with this disorder?

I am going to choose to say it was children!!! Yep children…. Those messy little minions have just changed me completely!

OKAY actually the true is I have always been “disorganized”! It drives my mother crazy but for the most part she has accepted my disease! This was a typical conversation when I was little.

Mom: “Where are your ballet shoes?”

Me: “I don’t know! It got losted!”

She was never satisfied with that answer. I saw it as a very logical answer!

Fast forward to adulthood and I can’t seem to find my camera! I looked everywhere and was beginning to think I had left it somewhere. 

Shoot this camera is officially losted!

When hubby got home I had to finally ask him. (I hated to admit to it being losted.)

Me: “Hubby have you seen the camera anywhere?”

Hubby: “Have you used it since I put it back in the case?”

Me: “No I haven’t”

Hubby: “Pulls out the camera case and surprise there it is!”

If the camera was left out it would have never been losted! So you see I simply focus better with disorganization.  If something is losted for me it usually means it is where it belongs but I never remember this till after the fact.

Now if you ask me this in public I am going to say “yeah kids just make me so disorganized! “

All right there is my confession! Now are there any mommies out there with this disease that is easily blamed on your innocent children?  Go ahead and leave an anonymous comment! J



  1. Oh. My. Goodness! Blaming your disorder....or disease...on my beautiful grands. Say it isn't so!

    I love you anyway. Your messiness is just part of your creativeness, and we've all benefited from that in our family.


  2. Well you see in my disorganized thoughts I am not sure if it's a disease or a disorder so I threw both in there just to represent my state of disorganization! :)

  3. Sure, it's the kids ::rolling eyes::

  4. I have a habit of forgetting where I put things all the time. I'm too organized if there is such a thing!!!! ;)


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