RambleSAHM Wish List for 2013!!!

Yeah it’s 2013!!! For me the start of a new year is not about resolutions.  It’s a time for me to decide where I am going and how to get there. I am the type that likes to do things as they come to me.Too much planning just makes me tired.

I do have goals but not complete thought out plans. (sorry hubby!)

So I thought I would share my goals or what I like to refer to as my wish list.

1.    Have a blog post ready a day ahead. Currently I write them during the day and then post in the evening.

2.    Go to another blog conference. This past April I went to Bloggy Boot Camp. I learned a lot and met blogger friends in person.

3.    Encourage my readers by being a real SAHM with dirty dish and laundry!

4.    Take a photo every day!

5.    Do something fun every day with my kids.

Alright five is more than enough! Of course I have more than five but I wouldn't want to be over committed in case the wind blows me elsewhere! :)

What about you do you make resolutions? Does it make you excited to start a new year?

I am excited for a new year especially when I look back on all that was accomplished in 2012.


  1. Great goals! You should go to Reviewer's Retreat I LOVE it and have gone every year it is the only one I go to every year, plus it is family friendly if you want, my family has gone the last two years!

  2. Thanks. I will have to look into Reviewer's Retreat. Someone else recently mentioned it to me. I do love being able to take my family too! :)

  3. I specially love the last two :) Also, where and when is the Reviewer's Retreat? Sounds like fun!

  4. It is in Pine Mountain Georgia. http://reviewersretreat.com/location/


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