Wordless Wednesday ~ Don't Cut Baby's Hair!

I can’t believe it but I have become “one of those mothers” You know the type that doesn't want to cut their baby’s hair. Little H has such sweet little baby curls and I know as soon as I get them cut he won’t look like a baby anymore. Hubby has at least agreed to humor me until Little H turns one but that is only a month away. L 

Little H has grown a whole lot faster than Little M! Are any of you “one of those mothers” too?


  1. I would not let anyone cut or even say they would cut my little guys hair until he was at least 1 lol. Big boy hair cuts meant he wasnt a baby anymore lol

  2. I am with you gals, I still struggle to cut Liam's hair because it is curly and so sweet. I say you wait, when they are babies it is the only time it is ok if they are mistaken for a girl ;)


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