Why does RambleSAHM love #SoFab & #cbias??? #LuvSoFab

I just recently joined Collective Bias but already I am in love! As a blogger you are constantly searching for your group of blogger friends that get what you do and can offer support to each other. The amount of support I have already received from Collective Bias is amazing. I love how they value my time and amplify my talents. I cannot wait to meet this great community in May!!!


RambleSAHM honored Collective Bias member! 


  1. So glad you are in the community now!So jelly that you are going to SoFabCon lol! Take lots of pics for me and post on FB so I can feel like I am there too :) Congrats on getting accepted!

    1. Laura, if I were rich I would fly you there! It's doesn't seem right for me to go and you not be there. (pout face) Someday...

      YES I will takes lots of photos and tell you all about it!

      Thanks, I am forever grateful for you! :)

  2. How exciting..and Welcome (again)!! :)


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