Tasty Tuesday ~ 30 minutes + one pan + one pot meal

Hi Rambles of a SAHM readers. It's Tasty Tuesdays again, but can I confess something to you today? Lately, life has gotten the better of me. I've completely gotten out of my routine and have really struggled to find time to dedicate to new and creative meals for our family. Doesn't everyone hit this stage at some point or another?

 Whether it is work or kids or other commitments, somewhere along the way we over-commit and forget the activities that are life-giving to us. I'm slowly learning what things are not life-giving, which of those I can and cannot avoid, and what things make me very happy and fulfilled at the end of the day. Sadly, things like washing the dishes are soul-killing to me, but they are unavoidable. Cooking, however, brings me joy and fulfillment, yet I've avoided it over the past few weeks.

Last night, I took a small baby step towards getting back in kitchen. This was actually a small miracle. We were watching a friends' little boy + we had Baby Snob + the Food Snob was running late. So me, 2 one-year-olds that are hungry and a min pin that they were torturing to the point I almost feel sorry for him. In the midst of the chaos, I produced this semi-homemade that everyone seemed to love.


 Bonus: This dinner only takes 30 minutes + one pan + one pot. Head on over to Food Snob St. Louis today to get the full recipe.

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