Hot Tea or Iced Tea Made My Way

I have fond memories of my grandmother’s kitchen. One of the mainstays was the tea kettle on the stove. When the whistle would begin to sound I knew something warm and soothing was headed my way.

The irony is that as much as I love that whole tea kettle experience I never do it in my own kitchen. Instead I use my trusty Keurig to do all my brewing. Bigelow tea is my favorite brand and they have k-cups or loose leaf tea that you can put in reusable k-cup filters. Both of those methods make great cups of tea, but I mostly use a teabag.

When I want a cold glass of iced tea I still use my Keurig. I first put about a tablespoon of sugar in the bottom of my glass and then add the teabag to it. I let the machine pour the hot water over it and let it steep to my desired taste. Then I stir until the sugar is dissolved and add ice.  Best glass of iced tea ever, I promise!

I have one more tip for you today . . .

During our Tea 101 session with Cindi Bigelow we were asked to taste different varieties and brands of teas. I was once again reminded that I love the smell of Bigelow’s Earl Grey tea but I just don’t care for the strong flavor. One of the suggestions was to add milk and sugar like the British do. I really don’t like milk so I just ignored that suggestion.

Yesterday I saw a packet of Earl Grey on my cabinet next to the container of hazelnut creamer and I began to wonder what it would taste like. I thought what the heck and gave it a try. I brewed the Earl Grey and then added creamer. It didn’t need any extra sugar to me but that is just a personal taste preference. It was absolutely delish. It has a wonderful spiced chai type of flavor. So take a chance and mix it up, you might find something new to love.


  1. I Love the Keurig!! It makes brewing tea and coffee so much easier! I don't think I've ever tried Earl Grey + Hazelnut creamer but it sure sounds interesting! I always enjoy my teas with both cream and sugar- it resembles bubble tea (have you ever tried that? the milk teas with tapioca balls on the bottom)

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Everyone need a Keurig. They are the best.I have never tried Bubble Tea. I will look for it!


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