Tsukihoshi Baby & Child Shoes a Mother's BFF!

I approached Tsukihoshi for a review of their children and toddlers shoes. They said yes and provided both pairs to assist with this review. I was not compensated and all thoughts are my own and don’t represent Tsukihoshi. Now that you know that, here is my honest review. Enjoy!

If there is one thing I loathe most it is shopping for shoes for my children. It is a lot of work and I usually end up with shoes that “will work”.  I went online and was searching for the perfect shoe and typed in washable shoes for children and Tsukihoshi popped up. I have seen Tsukihoshi shoes spoken highly of by celebrities and bloggers alike.

As a mother of two boys who love to play in the mud I am sick of buying my children new shoes only to be ruined later buy a few jumps in a mud puddle.  Now this is the part of why Tsukihoshi has become my BFF… they are washable and they come out looking just like what they did when I received them.  I am finally to the point in life that if it is washable it is a winner in my book however Tsukihoshi offers more than just that.

My youngest son, little H has very thick and wide feet and it is hard to find tennis shoes that fit his chubby (but oh so adorable) feet!  Not only do his Tsukihoshi shoes fit well but they are great for him to walk in.

What really won me over was how stylish they are. Tsukihoshi comes in many different styles and varieties. It was hard to choose just one pair so I ended up sending the PR representative a list of five pairs each that we loved for the boys.

Tsukihoshi shoes are pricier that your average children’s shoe but with that prices comes style, a great fit, wash ability, and my favorite part is that your child will outgrow these shoes before they ever outwear them. If you have several children of the same gender I would highly recommend that you invest in these shoes as you could pass them down… which is what I plan to do with Little M & H’s shoes.  Bottom line if you have the extra money, buy these and you won’t be disappointed.

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  1. You forgot to mention that according to Little M the blue and yellow shoes make him very fast! That's probably the most important selling point for the kids!


  2. Super cute shoes!! I know my boys were in every mud puddle they could find when they were little. Great post :)

  3. My son LOVES his Tsukihoshi shoes his are orange, his fav color! I love that they can be washed.


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