Wednesday's Wisdom ~ A Different Kind of Mission Field

Change your mind, change the world; right?

That might sound like a whole lot of New Age whooee, but there is a tremendous amount of truth in that statement. If you change your own mind, you can certainly change your own, personal world. I would like to share a recent thought--a transforming one at that--that I believe God has brought to my attention.

We tend to think of "the mission field" being anywhere but where we are. It's what men and women with a "calling" do to help other countries. But what do missionaries do? They build and repair homes, schools, libraries, churches. Give medical assistance; help with crops and food preparation. Teach individuals to read and to take care of themselves and others. Above all they do everything with the intent and purpose of sharing the gospel and the love of Jesus Christ. Whew, that's a tough job. This sounds a lot like what I do everyday as a wife, mother, and teacher. Please don't assume I am trying to lessen what those called into missionary fields elsewhere are doing! I am just trying to do a little world changing of my own.

Missionary in Nicaragua

All vanity aside, I am probably a near perfect employee. I do what I am supposed to do, have good ideas, honor my supervisors and coworkers, don't gossip, don't complain much, make good use of my time; and all the while trying to keep in mind that what I do is not for anyone but my audience of one. Jesus Christ. 

So after all that I get to go home and relax, right? Hmmm...

What if God stamped a vision on our eyelids and the vision was this:
Your mission field is right here at home.
The home you can help to create beauty in is the one you wake up in.
You can offer opportunities far above any of those that the community can offer.
The ones you can share your love with can be the familiar faces of those that share your own home.
Schools, clubs, entertainment and activities can't really meet the needs of your family the way only you can. What if your family really was your actual job? What if your own home really was your mission field?
Judges 2:10 says: "And there arose another generation after them, which knew not the Lord."

Homeschooling Little M. With Little H on my back.

I have a pretty good idea that the new generation that the Bible talks about never intended for their families to turn out ungodly. They just let the school, the babysitter, the office, the club, even the church--discipline them, feed them, educate, and generally take care of their emotional, social, physical and spiritual needs. They were just too busy. Too tired. Just like us. Right?
I am starting to look at my family in a new way. I’m starting to treat my children like a missionary would treat a child in great need of nutrition, education, social skills and love. I’m beginning to treat my husband like I am his true helpmate and partner in this mission field called “home.” I’d like to challenge you to think with the same vision.

Shaunna Wood lives in Southwest Missouri with her husband, 2 lovely daughters, and a beagle/basset named Dutch Boy. She teaches preschool, loves and mentors single mothers, and shares with others how to make the most of blessings God has given them.


  1. Thank you so much for this truth today Shaunna!

  2. Very thought provoking post. Thanks for giving us all something to think and evaluate about.



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