Take it OR Leave it ~ Levi's White Jeans

Last week you all changed my mind on the skinny jeans. Now for this week I thought what about white skinny jeans? I will admit that anything white and children make me nervous but looking fashionable may make me change my mind!

Now for the “Take It OR Leave It” game. Here’s how it works . . . grab a shopping buddy and head to your favorite store. Find a display you love then recreate the look in your size. Turn to your shopping buddy and simply say, “take it or leave it”. Then trust their judgment!

Now I’m inviting you to be my shopping buddy! Here’s this week’s selection:

Tank: Lace Cami

Top: Stripe Summer Blouse

What do you think . . . should I “Take It OR Leave It”?


  1. I'd say take it maybe for a date night? It looks great! But no with children, haha!

  2. White pants are a no for me, but a yes for you!!! I like these especially. I have been wanting to do that cuffed look. So cute on you. Thanks for linking up this week and last!!

  3. I love the white skinny jean pants, they look fabulous!

  4. LOVE white skinnies!! :) You look great :)

  5. Very cute, I love the white skinnies. They are really trendy for this fall -- just swamp out the tank for more fall apparel. Cute!!



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