Take it OR Leave it ~ Ralph Lauren

I never wear hats. However EVERYONE is wearing Fedora style hats. So I had to try!

I am not sure if it is because I am petite but I feel like they make me look funny instead of cute. So I thought this would be a great chance to see what you all thought. This summer I have been wearing a lot of dresses so I thought this would be a good match up to see what you all think!

Now for the “Take It OR Leave It” game. Here’s how it works . . . grab a shopping buddy and head to your favorite store. Find a display you love then recreate the look in your size. Turn to your shopping buddy and simply say, “take it or leave it”. Then trust their judgment!

Now I’m inviting you to be my shopping buddy! Here’s this week’s selection:

Ralph Lauren

What do you think . . . should I “Take It OR Leave It”?


  1. Hmmmm.. Love the dress, don't know if I like the sweater or the hat. You do look cute in the hat but not with that dress. I think the hat would be adorable on you with some white shorts and a fitted tee or button down. You are such a dancer girl, you always know how to pose!!

  2. Cute dress, but not so keen on the hat. Perhaps if I joined the Fedora hat bandwagon I might start liking them a little more. It always takes me a while to warm up to new styles!

  3. I like the dress. Not so taken with the hat. I even like the sweater but not for this time of year (maybe a different color?) but it would be a great accessory to make this dress go from summer to fall. Definitely different shoes. Those sandals are too casual for that outfit.

  4. I say leave the hat. Take the dress, but maybe get it shortened to your knee or just above.


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