Back-to-School with eBags Bookworm Kids Pack

With it being back-to-school time I am happy to tell you all about the eBags Bookworm Kids Pack! When looking for a good backpack for little M I came across eBags website and knew Little M would like the Captain Camo. I love how the print is fun but can also grow with him. These backpacks are made to last after all the eBag promise is  “Our Promise - Lifetime Warranty -Exchange, return, whatever it takes” isn’t that what a mom dreams of a company that stands by their products! 

I knew the Captain Camo would be a perfect lifetime print for a boy. Another feature that is important to me is the reflective material on the front and back of the pack. This is very important since we like to take nature walks and camping and now I know others will be able to see Little M coming in the dark.

The eBags Bookworm Kids Pack is the perfect size for kids and has plenty of compartments to place pens and pencils. I also love that the information tag only displays the name but if need be the information is all there for teachers.

I like that the eBags Bookworm Kids Pack is lightweight and can be wiped clean. It makes it easy to keep looking nice.  I would highly recommend the eBags Bookworm Kids Pack for your child or grandchild. The lifetime warranty is a great guaranty of your money well spent and the stylish but safe design makes this backpack a winner for adults and kids alike!

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You can purchase the eBags Bookworm Kids Pack on their website and currently on sale for $14.99!

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