Not So Wordless Wednesday ~ Perfect Parenting No More!

It’s four a.m. and I am writing a blog post. Mmmm . . . no this isn’t planned and yes I would much rather be sleeping but you see this story must be told.

Once upon a time I was an expert parent, really, a professional level parent! I knew it all and would laugh when another parent couldn’t seem to get their act together. I had a solution for everything until….

Little H…. THE END!

Okay, for real though, Little H has mocked my parenting skills. My perfect solutions have now let me down. I bought the baby gate, he climbed it. I say no, he grins. I plan, he schemes and most recently I say stay in bed and he does anything but…

He is that child you contemplate military school with.

Bless his little heart! 


  1. Ahhh...just send him to granny's house! She won't keep him forever but it will give you a break. LOL

    You are a wonderful momma. Those two boys of yours are awesome.


  2. You are not alone, my second son is the same way. It is insane the difference, he makes me nuts! It must be the second child thing, Jayden is an angel, Liam not so much. Good luck!!

  3. LOL I am not laughing at your struggles but that I am not alone! My son William is a beast. He is my first and I think no way can all kids be this way, there would be a population decrease lol.
    I was just going to mention my sister's son Liam is the same as my son but I saw she commented lol. We often joke about baby military school too, oh my days can be tough and others wonderful. The joys of motherhood right :)


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