Book Review ~ The Machine by Bill Myers

Truth Seekers Series, Book 1
Bill Myers
Juvenile Fiction

Back of the book:

WHAT IF . . . actual conversations in the Bible were recorded in surrounding rocks and pottery?

WHAT IF . . . we could play back those conversations and listen in?

Not only has Dr. Mackenzie's brilliant and quirky group of young scientists found a way to play them back, they've invented a machine that creates such super-realistic holographic images (when it's not fritzing out) that you actually think you're there. Imagine hanging out with Noah and his floating zoo, or seeing Jesus'miracles firsthand!

Then of course, there are the crazier inventions like the Cross Dimensional Folder, the Robotic Tennis Shoes, and the ever-popular Time Beam Generator. Inventions encountered by Mackenzie's twin kids, Jake (king of the egotists) and Jen (queen of the neat-freaks). Their mother has unexpectedly died and now they must pull up roots from comfy Malibu, California, and move to Israel. Here they learn to love a dad they barely know while Dr. Mackenzie faces the greatest challenge of his career . . . fatherhood.

With plenty of laughs and heart-touching moments, this new family, uncovers powerful historical scenes of the Bible while learning its important scriptural truths for living today.

My thoughts:

Finding a book that appeals to a tween yet meets the approval of the parent is often a difficult task. But with the name Bill Myers of the cover of this book you are sure to meet those standards. Kids and adults alike should enjoy this newest adventure by the award winning author.

The story begins shortly after Jake and Jennifer Mackenzie's mother has died in a car accident. The twins have been living with their aunt in Malibu, California but their absentee father has suddenly decided to bring them to live with him in Israel. To say that the twins are reluctant is an understatement.

Another thing that is hard to find is a book that features a strong father figure. This one has that in spades. I really enjoyed seeing the relationship develop between the father and his children. Dr. Mackenzie is such an interesting person and leads an even more interesting life. This eventually appeals to both kids. Jennifer is impacted on the intellectual level and Jake is appealed to on the adventurous level. 

The story line is driven by the scripture found in Romans 8:28, "We know that all things work together for the good of those who love God: those who are called according to His purpose." The events that the characters are put through really bring this truth home. Mr. Myers does a great job of balancing humor and seriousness. Some of the subjects addressed are very serious in nature and they are dealt with head on, but not to the point of  making the book so somber you want to put it down. The author's sense of comedic relief makes the story come alive and the pages just seem to fly by. 

I'm looking forward to continuing to share this series with the tweens in my life. If you have a tween I think you will find that this book has a very broad appeal to them. It may even surprise you at how much it will appeal to you as an adult! The next book in the series, Choices is scheduled to be released in May 2014.

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