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Laundry on a Clothesline
Josef Albers

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Today's Prompt: LAUNDRY


Laundry . . . the never-ending and non-glamourous task of every homemaker! Surprisingly enough, of all my household chores it is my favorite. I find such a sense of accomplishment in seeing neatly folded and put away laundry. I love how it makes my house smell and the feel of freshly washed sheets at the end of a long day is just as soothing to me as a long hot bath.

One of my fondest and earliest memories of my grandmother's house is the clothesline in the back yard. My grandfather made it for my grandmother and it truly was a work of art. Four taunt lines that were spaced widely apart and beautiful flowerbeds that surrounded each of the poles. I loved to walk between the lines of clothing and just inhale that wonderful scent that mixed detergent and fabric softener with sunshine. If I close my eyes and inhale, I can still imagine it.

My grandmother always used Tide detergent and a very generous helping of Downy fabric softener. She also bleached all of her whites. Those are some of my favorite comfort smells. To this day I just can't resist bringing a warm towel straight from the dryer up to my nose and basking in the delightful scent and softness. It never fails to remind me of the beautiful promise we are given in the book of Isaiah:

"Come, let us discuss this," says the LORD. "Though your sins are like scarlet, they will be as white as snow; though they are as red as crimson, they will be like wool."
~ Isaiah 1:18


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  1. I love the sensory images you evoked in this post. It is powerful to reflect on how we are washed clean by God.

    Stopping over for FMF from :)

  2. Lovely memories:) I wish I had a clothesline just for the aesthetic pleasures!


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