Christmas Gift Guide ~ Biblical Names of Christ Ornament Set

Shadow Mountain graciously provided us with a set of the ornaments to facilitate our review. No other compensation was received and the opinions are our own.

If your family is like ours you really do concentrate on keeping the focus of Christmas on Christ. I love to decorate our home with Scripture so that no matter where I am at in the house those words are always ingrained in my thoughts.

These beautiful ornaments have an antique pewter finish and would make a great addition to your holiday tree. They are light weight enough that you could even use them for decorations on a door wreath. They would also look fantastic as embellishments to your packages.

Does your family celebrate the Twelve Days of Christmas? The boxed set also comes with a list of Scripture references for each of the names:
  • Lamb of God ~ John 1:29
  • Emmanuel ~ Matthew 1:23
  • Bread of Life ~ John 6:35
  • The Light ~ John 8:12
  • Lord of Lords ~ Revelation 17:14
  • Redeemer ~ Job 19:25
  • King of Israel ~ John 12:13
  • Shepherd ~ John 10:11
  • Prince of Peace ~ Isaiah 9:6
  • Mediator ~ 1 Timothy 2:5
  • Living Water ~ John 4:10
  • King of Kings ~ Revelation 17:14

If you would like to purchase a set for your family you can get them exclusively from Desert Book.

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