Christmas Gift Guide ~ Combi Chopsticks Training Set

Does your family love Chinese take-out as much as ours does? I really hate to admit how often it is on the menu around here. The hubby and I like to use the wooden chop sticks that come with our meal but it has always been a source of frustration for our son.

We came across these training chopsticks from Combi and knew we had to give them a try. They are perfect for little hands to be able to master the skills needed to use regular chop sticks.

Our son is so proud of himself when he uses them. We homeschool and we have a unit coming up on China and the Chinese New Year. (By the way it is celebrated on January 31, 2014.) Little M has been practicing his skills so he can pick up rice and noodles with his chopsticks for our celebratory dinner.

I have to say that the Combi Chopsticks Training Set would make an awesome stocking stuffer! I love finding unique stocking stuffers and these are useful as well! You can buy the Combi Chopsticks Training Set on Amazon.

The chopsticks have great features making it easy to clean and grow with your child.

  • BPA-free and dishwasher-safe
  • Step 1 includes a training bridge
  • Step 2 involves removing the beginner support
  • Step 3 allows for regular use
  • Designed for right or left hand use

You can buy the Combi Chopsticks Training Set on Amazon! Also, be sure to connect socially with Combi on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest for the latest news and deals.

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