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During the holidays I like to give gifts that are practical but also fun to enjoy. This can be hard with friends and family who live far away. Well, now I've got the perfect gift for those who live far from you EdibleArrangements!

Around the holidays we eat a lot of cookies and sweets. In fact we get so many that it’s overwhelming.  I want to send something different and fresh fruit is such a great gift that all can enjoy! I knew I loved the concept of getting fresh fruit delivered to my door but I wondered if it would really be fresh and not only look good but taste good as well?

Oh my goodness it tasted sooo good like they went to Hawaii and picked it themselves good! My boys were so impressed with the design that they ate the fruit like candy. I loved the holder and thought it would make a great center piece for Christmas dinner.

I loved that the holder was a nice ceramic sleigh that can be kept as a keepsake and reused year after year. They have a lot of different arrangements to choose from with varying price levels. One of their new products that I want to try or send to a loved one is their apple fruit truffles®! Yummy…

Honestly, you cannot go wrong with Edible Arrangements, your friends and family will be impressed with the design and the fresh taste of summer in the winter months. The dark chocolate pineapple was a hit with us all so I highly recommend that!

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