Christmas Gift Guide ~ Flashlight Friends

When I was growing up we always got some sort of flashlight in our stocking for Christmas. I remember spending hours and hours of playing with those inexpensive toys. There is just something magical about a beam of light in the dark! 

Now the ordinary flashlight has been taken up a notch. The Flashlight Friends are a cute stuffed animal with a flashlight inside. Give it a little squeeze and presto the light comes on! 

Our youngest son is just enamored with the cuddly thing. At first I was hesitant to let him have it at bedtime because I just knew he'd never go to sleep. 

I was completely wrong. He flashed it on and off for several minutes but before I knew it he was snuggled up with it and sound asleep.

I'm not really sure who has enjoyed it more . . . him as he's squeezing it or me as I'm thinking fondly about my childhood flashlights!

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